Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gameplan for Readiness

Okay, okay. You’ve thought long and hard about it and you’ve concluded that you’re right for creative reuse and creative reuse is right for you. You know that you’re passionate about starting a creative reuse center in your town, you have found some supporters and advocates, and you’ve decided what business model might work best for you. So, you’re ready to dive in, right? Well, almost…
photo courtesy of sxc.hu

Take a few deep breaths and visualize where you are and where you want to go. How are you going to communicate this vision to your community members? You should already have experience with this since you just completed your feasibility study. Think back to when you were talking with potential supporters. Were you able to develop an elevator pitch? That is, a clear and concise but genuine description of what you’re working so hard for? Were there certain phrases or words you used that really caught people’s attention?  

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